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While in his car one day, Randy James (Evangelist, Pastor, Gospel radio personality since 1952), read a bumper sticker saying, "I'M GOING CRAZY, WANNA COME ALONG?"  This deeply disturbed him, and the Lord began to form an idea in his mind.  Christians have the Truth in a world going crazy, and we aren't sharing what we have.

Today's Christians often aren't confident or bold in their witnessing because they aren't sure what they believe.   Others simply do not know how to communicate their faith effectively.  They need a place to start.

GOTEL Ministries is providing a way for every Christian to lead others to Christ.  We provide a way for you to witness with every mile you travel.  We distribute a bumper sticker that reads .  .   .GOTELMOBILEPHONE.GIF (17329 bytes)

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The caller hears a 60 second recorded gospel message and is requested to leave their first name and telephone number for a return call from a trained Christian counselor.  We send a New Testament and other literature to the new believer and invite them to keep in touch via the 800 number for follow-up counseling.

It is estimated that a bumper sticker is read an average of 25 times each day. For each 1,000 GOTEL bumper stickers on the roads, the seed of the Gospel will be planted 25,000 times daily!   As awareness grows through radio spots and work of mouth, untrained and hesitant Christians will see this as a way they can proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ that won't depend upon their own skills or abilities.  They place GOTEL bumper stickers on their cars, and tell Christian friends how they can do the same.  If just one half of one percent of all those reading the message, call in, that will result in 125 calls DAILY for each 1,000 bumper stickers in use.

How about a MILLION stickers at work!   Do the math!  Well, that's our goal for the turn of the millenium (which, by our Gregorian calendar is 01 January 2001).  Help us get there.  Join with us in this mission!

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If you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry, please call  .  .  .


After the message, leave your name, address, and phone number and we'll send you an information packet at no cost to you.  You can also communicate with us using the E-Mail video icon located in the left column of this Web Site.

Write us at  .  .  .

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